Mission Statement:

MISSION: To promote the hand making of dog and cat blankets to be donated directly to rescue groups from WIL membership. The primary focus is to donate blankets as a group" to 501c3 dog rescue groups, along with other crafted items when possible.

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Total number of blankets pledged as of today: 15081

Total number of belly bands pledged as of today: 3041

Total number of diapers pledged as of today: 629

Total number of coats, sweaters and vests pledged as of today: 534

Announcing New Rescues

Caswell Pet Lifeline

Their goal is to reduce the unwanted cat & kitten population by providing education and monthly, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, and by moving as many rescued (stray, abandoned, wild and feral) cats as possible into homes where they are wanted. They are located in North Carolina.


Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue

For nearly twenty years, the founders of Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue have rescued and rehabilitated thousands of abused and neglected animals from all across the country. Now they have come together to provide the very best options for animals in need. Located in beautiful rural South Dakota, Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue is an innovative new model of animal rescue. They work daily to end this national tragedy of puppy mills, as well as rescue and restore the broken bodies and souls of breeder dogs throughout the midwest.  The special project items for this rescue are rice socks.


Newman National: Senior Pets United

Senior Pets United is a nationwide rescue saving urgent special needs and hospice senior cats and dogs from high kill shelters. They are dedicated to giving a chance to dogs and cats age 10 and older.  The bandanas should read "Donate" rather than "Adopt" for this rescue. The special project items are rice socks.



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